My Apologies

I am SO sorry about the deluge of blog posts…it appears my old blog decided to celebrate the New Year by throwing random blog entries out into the universe. I’ve just deleted the old blog to prevent any more shenanigans. My new, less rabunctious blog, can be found here:  With thanks to ALL of you for your patience.

Blessings to you all, and Happy New Year!  Love Susanne

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Moving to My Own Domain!

Given some of the chaos that has reigned in the blogosphere lately, I’ve decided to move this blog, lock stock and barrel, over to my own domain. Thank you all so much for the time you’ve spent journeying with me…and above all else, thank you for your patience. Please visit and don’t forget to update your subscriptions and bookmarks. I’ve added a Subscribe button to the right hand column so that you have greater flexibility in how you want to subscribe whether in a specific reader or via email. The new blog is still a work in progress…I’ll be moving the archives over throughout next week. If there is anything you would like to see on the new blog, please let me know!

Again, the link is here:

Thank you again for reading my blog and being an important part of my creative process.

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